Commit 69202fa7 authored by Mihai Moldovan's avatar Mihai Moldovan
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src/x2goclient-network-ssh.c: check thread pointer before joining check thread.

parent 108c6b48
......@@ -261,8 +261,10 @@ static void x2goclient_network_ssh_finalize (GObject * const object) {
g_mutex_unlock (&(self->check_thread_mutex));
/* Let last event run out and thread terminate. */
(void) g_thread_join (self->check_thread);
self->check_thread = NULL;
if (self->check_thread) {
(void) g_thread_join (self->check_thread);
self->check_thread = NULL;
* Context should be gone by now, implicitly through the thread's main
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