Commit 67c9306b authored by Mihai Moldovan's avatar Mihai Moldovan
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src/x2goclient-network-ssh.c: add parenthesis to cast, non-functional.

parent 1a1e7d0e
......@@ -1489,7 +1489,7 @@ static void x2goclient_network_ssh_start_check_timeout_invoke (X2GoClientNetwork
g_main_context_invoke_full (self->check_thread_context, G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT,
data, (GDestroyNotify) x2goclient_network_ssh_check_timeout_data_free);
data, (GDestroyNotify) (&x2goclient_network_ssh_check_timeout_data_free));
static gboolean x2goclient_network_ssh_start_check_timeout_unwrap (const gpointer user_data) {
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